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As the recession bites deeper, vendors are beginning to feel the pinch and are cutting staff.One of the biggest recruitment challenges for a large organisation is volume hiring at junior levels without compromising on quality and speed. Yet, the natural tendency of most recruitment firms is to focus on senior & middle management recruitment services.

Currently, this segment is highly fragmented with various small to mid sized recruitment firms occupying this space with no one being able to provide the reach and scale to fully satisfy client need.

The cuts to the services group and the sales and marketing department were the most significant, although most of the sales and marketing staff cuts were in overlay and sales consulting roles. The cuts could potentially improve hr job's margins. Staffing, as a division of Star Jobs , was established in 2010 to provide high quality recruitment solutions that address volume hiring needs at junior management levels for large corporates. The annual compensation of positions handled by Staffing is less than Rs 2 lacs.

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