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              Search Methodology

      STEP 1

      Understanding the client
      To understand the clients perspective, business line, organizational hierarchy and future growth plans

      STEP 2

      Understanding the Requirement
      iTo understand the specific requirement pertaining to roles, responsibilities and capabilities required

      STEP 3

      Keeping in mind the core competencies required our team would engage into a search strategy to bring out the best output

      STEP 4

      Head Hunting/Mapping
      Our team puts in efforts to target the appropriate industry/companies and identifies candidate thru extensive industry mapping and head hunting

      STEP 5

      To reduce the dependency on the portals, we try to fulfills the requirements thru our huge internal database maintained and build thru extensive management

      STEP 6

      First Shortlist
        • a preliminary screening of the candidates are done so as to understand and bridge in the gap between the required and the requirement

      STEP 7

      For the most appropriate candidates, we will prepare a detailed résumé and evaluation summary to facilitate the interview process. On receiving feedback from the candidates and you on the meetings, we will work along with you to draw up a final shortlist

      STEP 8

      Reference check
      We will conduct detailed references on the candidate you wish to hire. If required, we could conduct a background check through appropriate agencies

      STEP 9

      Post Recruitment Follow up


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